New Instant Games

Slingo X5

Top prize $30,000!
5 Joker "Free Spots"

Ultimate Millions

3 top prizes of $1 MILLION!
Over 4 MILLION in prizes from $100 to $1,000!
"STACK OF BILLS" symbol wins ALL 25 PRIZES!

Fully Loaded

Top prize $45,000!
Win up to 20 times!
Get a "DOLLAR BILL" symbol, win prize automatically!
Get a "WALLET" symbol, win TRIPLE the prize!

Gem Series

Win up to $300!
Win up to 6 times!
Limited Edition Gem Series!

Alphabet Soup Crossword

Top prize $30,000!
"BOWL" symbol doubles your prize!


Win up to $100,000!
Over $2.3 Million in Tripler Prizes!