New Instant Games

The Big Score!

Top Prize $100,000!
Packed with $500 Prizes!
Win up to 50 times on one ticket!

Reel Money

Top Prize $7,000!
A chance to DOUBLE your prize!
Win up to 10 times!


Campfire Crossword

Top Prize $30,000!
"CAMPFIRE" symbol TRIPLES your prize!

Strike It Rich!

Win up to $48,000!
Over $3.7 Million in total Cash Prizes!


Cheese Series

Win up to $400!
A chance to win DOUBLE your prize!

Lucky No. 13

Top prize $13,000!
Get a "13" symbol win $13 instantly!
Win up to 10 times!

Crossword King

Top Prize $50,000!
Bonus Letters or Instant Cash Prize!
A Chance to DOUBLE your Prize!