New Instant Games

Lady Luck

Top Prize $45,000!
A Chance to win TWO or FOUR times your prize!
A Chance to win $100 instantly!

Cash To Go!

Win up to $1,500!
Win up to 5 times!

Money Tree

Top Prize $54,000!
A Chance to DOUBLE your prize!
Win up to 20 times!

Cha-Ching Slingo

Top Prize $30,000!
A chance to win 5 TIMES the prize!

Diamond Dazzler

Top Prize $6,000!
Win up to 10 times.
A chance to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your prize!

Money Bag Crossword

Top Prize $200,000!
A Chance to DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Prize!
Win up to 5 TIMES!

In The Zone Crossword

$50,000 Top Prize!
Extra letters or a multiplier!
Win up to 10 TIMES your prize!

Maximum Green

Top Prize $200,000!
A chance to win DOUBLE or TRIPLE your prize!
Over $9 MILLION in total cash prizes!