New Instant Games


Top Prize $50,000!
Win up to 18 TIMES!
A Chance to win up to 5 TIMES the prize!

Pure Gold Crossword

Top Prize $200,000!
Over $35,000 Multiplied Prizes!
A Chance to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your prize!

Ten Times The Luck

Top Prize $10,000!
A chance to multiply your prize!
Win up to 10 TIMES!

Money Maker

Top prize $60,000!
A multiplier in each ROW!
A chance to multiply prizes up to 10 times!
Win up to 20 times!

$500 Frenzy

Packed with over 3,400 $500 prizes!

Instant $1 Million Payout

3 top prizes of $1 MILLION!
Over $4.5 MILLION in multiplied prizes!