Tips for Navigating the New Website

Thank you for visiting our new website! It is designed to be "responsive" to different sizes of screens and devices.

If you use more than one type of device to visit our site, you will have a slightly different experience on each one. With small screens, some of the content is hidden to save space. Most of the time, you can see that hidden content by turning your phone or tablet landscape.

If the page looks scrambled, clear your local cache by selecting CTRL and F5 at the same time (the procedure varies for mobile devices). This might be necessary when big changes are made to the styling of a website.

General Site Navigation

Navigating the new site is a bit different from the old site. 

If you are using a large display such as a desktop or tablet, look for the BROWSE button at the top left of your screen. On a smaller screen, look for the three bars only. Selecting this opens the main menu for the site.

The browse link is first on the page and contains links to the rest of the site.


Navigating the Games Pages

On game pages, there is a button to display either INSTANT MENU or LOTTO MENU.  When selected, these allow you to easily find related pages.

The lotto menu button is below the Wisconsin Lottery logo on lotto pages. It expands to display related pages.


The instant menu button is below the Wisconsin Lottery logo on all instant ticket pages. It expands to display related pages.

Instant Games

Select the ticket image to see details about that game.

Note: When looking at the details of an instant ticket, you can easily return to see all of the tickets from the place you left by selecting the green Games by Price button:

From the ticket detail page, select the Games by Price button to return to the ticket wall.

Lotto Game Results and Navigation

The game bar displays each lotto game with the latest winning numbers and links to their portal pages. It also has links to instant games and raffles.

On some screens the bar automatically scrolls to show that there are more choices. You can stop the scroll by hovering over a game logo with the mouse; the background will change to a darker color and the scroll will stop at that point.

Select the arrows to go right or left through the list of games. The right arrow slides the selections that are hidden to the right into view. The left arrow slides the selections hidden to the left into view.

The game navigation shows as a list of winning numbers and links to lotto portal pages, instant games and raffles.

For larger screens only, you have the option, for a while, to pop the games out vertically into the classic view.

The button to revert to the vertical classic view of the games.

And, as always, you can click or touch the game logos to go straight to their portal pages.

Other Ways to Navigate

Try the Site Map which provides links to all of the pages. A link to the Site Map is on the BROWSE menu.

Try Searching from any page in the top right corner.

As always, you can select the Lottery logo to quickly return to the home page.

Using a mobile device? Try turning it landscape to see more content.


Generally, web pages are not meant to be printed. However, we have provided basic print capabilities that work in most, but not all, browsers and printers.

Because there are so many different kinds of printers, it is not possible to make sure that our web pages print correctly on all of them. Some printers will require you to manually set preferences such as margins, orientation and size.

If you have trouble printing a whole page, try printing a selection area or snapshot.