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Retired Veteran, Michael Stubbs of Kenosha is the lucky winner of $1 million from the Wisconsin Lottery's April 28, 2018 Megabucks drawing. The winning numbers from Saturday, April 28 were 01, 06, 15, 22, 23, and 27.
Stubbs purchased his winning ticket at Kwik Trip at 5800 31st Street in Kenosha.


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Joseph Hinz of Star Prairie is the lucky winner of $2.2 million from the April 14, 2018 Megabucks drawing. The winning numbers from Saturday, April 14 were 04, 06, 11, 16, 40, and 45.

Hinz purchased his winning ticket at Kwik Trip at 1010 Main Street in Baldwin.


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John Petrusek of Hartland won $1.2 Million playing Megabucks December 9, 2017. It wasn't until February that he claimed his win, making sure all his ducks are in a row!

John and his wife plan to keep their jobs and enjoy their life.

The winning numbers for December 9 Megabucks drawing were 05, 17, 28, 30, 42, and 44.

The $1.2 million winning ticket was sold at Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly at 505 South Cottonwood Avenue in Hartland.

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Retired Welder, Heinz Habermehl of Oshkosh is the lucky winner of $2.5 million from the September 20 Megabucks drawing. Habermehl, a self-described daily lottery player who plays Megabucks. Heinz purchased his winning ticket at Kwik Trip at 2115 Jackson Street in Oshkosh. He noted that he's been playing the lottery for many years and manually chose his winning numbers as opposed to using the quick pick option.

Habermehl plans to use his winnings to help his kids, build up a nest egg and enjoy it with his family close to home nothing that he doesn't have any big travel plans.

The winning numbers from the Wednesday, September 20 Megabucks drawing were 4, 12, 17, 24, 39, and 43.

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Milwaukee resident Mai Xiong is the lucky winner of the $156.2 million prize from the Wednesday, March 22, 2017 Powerball drawing. The winning ticket was purchased from Pewaukee Corner Pump at 1194 West Capitol Drive in Pewaukee.

Mai Xiong took the cash option worth $93.1 million. Xiong holds the 16th Powerball jackpot ticket sold in Wisconsin since the game was introduced in April 1992. This is the second largest prize awarded to a Wisconsin winner. The largest was a ticket worth $208.8 million sold in August of 2006 to a group of 100 individuals who called themselves the Miracle 100. That ticket was sold at Ma and Pa Grocery in Fond du Lac.

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Congratulations to Trev T. Timblin of Fredonia in winning the Megabucks $3.0 Million jackpot on October 22, 2016. The ticket was purchased at Barton Citgo in West Bend. Trev chose the cash option and will take home $1.5 Million after taxes.

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Congratulations to Kenneth Rapp of Kaukauna for winning the Megabucks $3.6 Million jackpot on April 30, 2016. The ticket was purchased at Lighthouse Corner in Kaukauna. Kenneth chose to take home the cash option.

Photo of the winner Charlene Nasgovitz of Pound is the Lucky winner of the $1 million Megabucks jackpot from the October 21 drawing! Charlene purchased her winning ticket at the Piggly Wiggly at 216 Highway 141 in Coleman. Charlene chose the $400,000 cash option.
Photo of the winner Two cousins split $2.6 million Megabucks jackpot! Cory Meyer and Patrick Meyer both of Newton are the lucky winners of $2.6 million from the October 17 Megabucks drawing. The winning ticket was purchased at Citgo 14 at 610 South 14th Street in Sheboygan. The winning numbers from Saturday, October 17 were 06, 16, 21, 32, 39, and 46. They chose the $950,000 cash option.
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George Howen of Long Lake became Wisconsin's newest Megabucks jackpot winner on Halloween 2015 when the ticket he purchased ended up winning him the $1.0 Million jackpot! Howen purchased his ticket at Krist Food Mart on North Branch Street in Wabeno, and chose the $400,000 cash option.

Photo of the winner A quick stop for some milk made history for John Rumpel of Milwaukee, when he also decided to pick up a Megabucks ticket at his local A&I Services store. That ticket won him the largest Megabucks jackpot in history: a $22.2 Million jackpot in May 2015. Rumpel, a former schoolteacher, chose the $15.7 million cash option.
Photo of the winner Having spent years in the insurance business, Paul Wegener is used to dealing with big dollars, which proved useful when he found himself the lone winner of the $1.4 million Megabucks jackpot in June 2013. Mr. Wegener chose to take the $953,000 cash option, and was the 74th Megabucks jackpot winner since the game started in 1992.
Photo of the winner For Michelle Grant, it is all about the family. When she went to visit her grandmother in Kewaunee, her father reminded her about the $4.0 Megabucks jackpot before they left. As it turns out, that lucky stop at Lakeshore Lighthouse made her Wisconsin 73rd Megabucks jackpot winner. Michelle chose the $2.9 million cash option, which she plans to use to make sure that she, her husband, and their children are taken care of.
Photo of the winner Betty Christopherson hit the jackpot in October 2012 when she ended up with a winning $6.3 million Megabucks ticket. The retired Oconomowoc resident bought the ticket at her local Kwik Trip, making her the game's 72nd Megabucks winner. Christopherson opted to take the cash option, which will leave her with $3.15 million after taxes, and Kwik Trip earned a $100,000 commission for selling the winning ticket.
Photo of the winner Napolean Elvord proved himself a very lucky man when he was found to be the winner of a $14.3 million Megabucks jackpot, sold at Kelley Williamson Mobil on E. Washington Avenue in Madison for January 14, 2012. First, he accidentally purchased the wrong ticket at the store. Then, he thought the winning ticket was for a different drawing. After talking with the store manager, he realized, in fact, that he was Wisconsin 71st Megabucks winner. Mr. Elvord, who suffers from kidney failure, took the $6.87 million lump sum payment, which he plans to use for weekly dialysis treatments and an eventual transplant.
Photo of the winner Lisa Gruber of Spring Green became the Wisconsin Lottery's newest Megabucks millionaire in October 2010, when she was the sole winner on a $3.1 Million ticket. Gruber purchased her ticket at Riteway Plaza on State Road 14 in Spring Green, becoming the 70th Megabucks jackpot winner in Wisconsin.
Photo of the winner Paul Sims of Mequon became the Wisconsin Lottery's newest million-dollar winner in June 2010, when his $1 Quick Pick ticket earned him a $2.27 million dollar prize. Sims bought his ticket at Dennis Mobil Mart on Capitol Drive in Brookfield and chose to take his winnings as a lump-sum cash option worth $1.36 Million.
Photo of the winner Albert Mohrbacher, Jr. became the Wisconsin Lottery's 68th Megabucks winner with his March 27th ticket bought at the Piggly Wiggly on Spring St. in Racine. Mohrbacher had actually cut down on his lottery spending at his wife's request and had limited himself to just a few Megabucks tickets a week, when one of those tickets won him a $7.5 million jackpot. Mohrbacher chose the jackpot's $4.2 million cash lump sum, and will take home $2.8 million after taxes.
Photo of the winner Douglas Miron of Marinette became the Wisconsin Lottery's 15th Powerball winner in October of 2009, when he matched all six numbers for a jackpot worth $31.4 Million. Miron purchased his ticket at City Limits on Highway 180 in Marinette, and took the lump sum cash option of $16.7 Million.
Photo of the winner Michael Brey of Kenosha certainly had a Labor Day to remember when he became the Lottery's 67th Megabucks millionaire. Brey won $4.5 Million on September 5, 2009, when he purchased his ticket at the Speedway on 60th St. in Kenosha, and chose to take the winnings as a $2.7 Million cash option.
Photo of the winner Priscilla Hollis of Arlington became the Wisconsin Lottery's 66th Megabucks millionaire, and all because of bananas. When she stopped to buy some at the Kwik Trip in Windsor on April 25th, 2009, she also decided to buy some quick pick lottery tickets. And what she walked out with was a Megabucks ticket worth $5.6 million. Priscilla and her husband Jim decided to go for the cash option, which will be worth about $2.8 million after taxes. Now that's a lot of bananas.
Photo of the winner Car trouble brought them together. The Lottery kept them that way. And now these three friends are celebrating as the state’s newest millionaires. Richard Duening, Barbara Knauf and Curtis Lienau of Sheboygan won the $9.1 million Megabucks jackpot on November 8th. They chose the jackpot's $5.1 million lump sum cash pay out. After taxes they will each receive $1,169,120. Duening and Lienau are long-time fishing buddies. Knauf walked into Duening’s Sheboygan auto body shop one day five years ago and overheard their discussions about playing the lottery. The three have been meeting for coffee and playing together ever since. Duening will keep operating his auto body business. Lienau will retire from his grocery store job in January. Knauf is already retired. Right now, they have no big plans. "It's just good to know we can take care of our families and feel a little more financially secure in these tough economic times," Knauf said.
Photo of the winner David Schmitt of Hartland became the Wisconsin Lottery's latest Megabucks Millionaire, all because of a turkey hunting license. Schmitt was trying to get the license at the PDQ on Moraine Drive in Sussex, but due to technical issues the line wasn't moving. So he bought a Megabucks ticket instead. That Megabucks ticket ended up being the sole winning ticket of a $2.9 million jackpot, making Schmitt Wisconsin’s 64th Megabucks millionaire.
Photo of the winner Jerry Nelson of Holmen became the Wisconsin Lottery's 62nd Megabucks Millionaire in October 2007. Jerry had been purchasing his Megabucks lottery tickets every week, but it was one purchase at his local Kwik Trip that won him $4.1 Million. Both Jerry and his wife Kathy are retired, and plan to use their winning to help their son and go on a 40th anniversary tour through Europe.
Photo of the winner Long-time truck driver Steve Peot of Green Bay became the Wisconsin Lottery's 14th Powerball jackpot winner ... on a whim. When Peot validated the only winning ticket from the September 5th $29.1 million drawing he told Lottery staff he doesn't play very often. So what prompted him to buy a $5 quick pick ticket at the De Pere Superstore in De Pere?
Photo of the winner Terry Peters of Two Rivers never spent a lot in the Wisconsin Lottery, so it's probably not surprising that he doesn't have elaborate plans to spend much of the $14.4 million jackpot he just won. Peters was officially introduced as the Lottery's 61st Megabucks millionaire during a news conference at the small Mishicot Unimart where he bought his winning ticket. Using numbers corresponding to family birthdays, the 48-year-old golfer and father of three matched all six numbers in the Lottery's Saturday, July 14 Megabucks drawing to claim the $14.4 million jackpot, the fifth-largest in Megabucks history.
Photo of the winner Patrick Nowlin of Stoughton became Wisconsin's 13th Powerball winner on March 31, 2007, when he matched all five numbers and the Powerball to win $40.7 million. Mr. Nowlin purchased his winning Quick Pick ticket at the Food Pantry in Stoughton, and managed to keep it a secret for nearly two months. But the secret came out when he claimed his winning ticket at the end of May, which surprised even some of his friends. Mr. Nowlin chose to receive the cash option of $19.3 million.
Photo of the winner For ten years, Charles and Patricia Stage of Baileys Harbor had been playing the same set of numbers, a combination of family member's birthdays, in Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks. On October 18, 2006, those numbers proved very lucky as the Stages won the $15.4 million jackpot in the game. The Stages purchased the winning ticket at Fish Creek BP in Fish Creek, which is in Door County. They plan to use their winnings to pay some bills and help their five children and thirteen grandchildren.
Photo of the winner Fond du Lac's "Miracle Mile" lived up to its name on August 5, 2006, when a group of co-workers suddenly found themselves the winners of $208.6 million in Powerball. The group, who call themselves the "100 Miracles," not only won the largest jackpot ever won in Wisconsin, but also became the largest group to ever share a jackpot prize. The "100 Miracles" bought their ticket at Ma & Pa's Grocery Express in Fond du Lac, at the heart of the "Miracle Mile."
Photo of the winner A Christmas gift tradition paid off for The Schultz Family of Oak Creek on Christmas Eve 2005, when dad Brian and sons Todd and Matthew won an $11.1 million Megabucks jackpot. Each year Brian buys Wisconsin Lottery tickets as gifts for his sons and daughter-in-law and this past year, one of those tickets matched all six winning Megabucks numbers. The family discovered the big win on Christmas morning. The three will split the prize and plan to invest the majority of it. Brian purchased the winning ticket at Gary's Beer & Liquor in Oak Creek, where he has been a regular customer for years.
Photo of the winner Victor (Jack) Scimeca was just hoping to win $1,000 when he purchased his Megabucks ticket on May 4 at his family's campground. He never expected to actually win the $4 million jackpot! Owner of Lake of the Woods Campground in Wautoma, Scimeca purchased his ticket to participate in Mega Play Days, a limited time offer that provides players with the chance to instantly win $1,000. Imagine how much more can be done with $4 million! Scimeca decided to take the cash option, leaving him with $2.3 million before taxes. He hopes to use the money to take his family on vacation and make some improvements to the campgrounds.
Photo of the winner Peter Bapes of Thiensville became Wisconsin's 11th Powerball jackpot winner when he claimed his $36.8 million prize in early 2005. The $5 quick pick ticket, which Bapes purchased at Thiensville Self Serve on N. Main St. in Thiensville, was, he said, "bought on a lark." Bapes won the multi-million dollar prize in the January 8 drawing but waited two months to claim the jackpot, sparking rumors of shredded and discarded tickets. He presented the ticket (in perfect condition!) to Lottery officials and chose the cash option, taking home a lump sum payment of $13.8 million after taxes.
Photo of the winner January 8, 2005 was lucky for Wisconsin Lottery players--the Powerball jackpot was hit in the state for the first time in more than four years and Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks produced its 57th jackpot winner on that same Saturday night. Brian Kegler of Waterloo was one of those lucky players, winning the $1.9 million Megabucks jackpot. Kegler regularly plays Megabucks and always selects his own numbers. On a whim, he also purchased a quick pick ticket for the January 8 Megabucks drawing and it was that ticket that made Kegler a jackpot winner. He purchased the ticket Kwik Trip on W. Main St in Marshall. He and his wife Christine chose the $1.1 cash option.
Photo of the winner Since winning a $100,000 Powerball prize 11 years ago, Bill Holcomb always had a feeling he would experience lottery luck again. His instincts were right! Holcomb won a $1.1 million jackpot in the November 10 Megabucks drawing. He purchased his winning ticket at Palmyra Citgo on Main Street in Palmyra. Holcomb is a regular customer at Palmyra Citgo. He has coffee there most mornings with other regular customers, and he even grew up next door to the owner's wife. Bill and his wife of over 30 years, Cindy, plan to make the holidays a little brighter with this big win.
Photo of the winner Dennis and Gerri Holat of St. Francis made history on October 6, 2004. Not only were they the winners of a $2.5 Million Megabucks jackpot, but Gerri’s father was a $2.7 Million Megabucks jackpot winner twelve years before. This makes the first time in Wisconsin Lottery history that two jackpots have gone to the same family. The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at the Whitnall Pick'n Save in St. Francis. The Holats opted to take their winnings as a pre-tax lump sum payment of $1.38 Million.
Photo of the winner Kathleen Radtke became the Wisconsin Lottery's latest Megabucks winner in July of 2004. The Brookfield resident claimed a $1 Million Megabucks jackpot on July 24th, making her the second jackpot winner that month, and the third jackpot winner of the year. Kathleen bought her Quick Pick ticket at the Pick’n Save on West Capitol Drive in Brookfield.
Photo of the winner Delores Grebenc of Arbor Vitae is Wisconsin Lottery's latest millionaire -- the 53rd millionaire from the Lottery's Megabucks online jackpot game. Grebenc had the only ticket that matched all six winning numbers in the Lottery's July 7 $4.1 million Megabucks drawing. Those winning numbers were 10, 15, 18, 24, 31 and 49. The winning Megabucks ticket, worth $4,095,895, was purchased at Trig's Food, 70 W. Shopping Center in Minocqua.
Photo of the winner Jose Davila of Cedar Grove presented the only winning ticket from the December 10, 2003 Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks $3.8 million drawing. Davila stated that he has played Megabucks since it started. He worked for Mercury Marine and used to buy his tickets in Fond du Lac, but now buys them closer to home. Davila purchased his winning quick pick ticket at AKA Station, 3 W. Union Ave. in Cedar Grove. He has chosen to take the cash option jackpot amount of $2,044,000. The winning numbers in the December 10th Megabucks drawing were 06, 07, 16, 19, 38 and 48.
Photo of the winner Dennis Poppe of New Berlin nearly forgot to buy his Megabucks ticket for the Wednesday night drawing, which would have cost him $3.4 million. Dennis and his wife Nancy presented the only winning ticket for the September 3, 2003 drawing, making them the 50th Megabucks jackpot winners since the game's inception. They chose to receive their $3.4 million as an annuity over the next 25 years, during which time Dennis plans to continue playing Wisconsin Lottery games. Dennis purchased his "Quick Pick" ticket at the Clark Station at 15815 West National Avenue in New Berlin.
Photo of the winner Suzie Kanarowski of Mauston is Wisconsin"s latest Megabucks millionaire. Kanarowski presented the only winning ticket sold in the June 7, 2003 $4.2 million Megabucks drawing.She purchased her winning "computer quick pick" ticket at Pick 'N Save, 750 N. Union St. in Mauston. Kanarowski has chosen to take the June 7 Megabucks prize in a single lump-sum cash payment. The cash value of the $4.2 million jackpot is $2.4 million.
Photo of the winner Bill and Judy Hanson of Avoca hit the Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks $4.45 million jackpot on February 12, 2003. Bill is a regular Wisconsin Lottery player who always plays at the same place and time. He learned of his fortune when a neighbor phoned him to kid with him about winning. Upon reading the numbers to his neighbor, Bill discovered that he was a $4.45 million winner. Judy had learned where the winning numbers were sold, but wasn't sure if they were the lucky ones until Bill arrived with a big smile on his face. Bill purchased his ticket at Mr. T's Easy Stop, 313 King Street, in Dodgeville.
Photo of the winner On November 6, 2002 Jake Satterlee hit the Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks $5.4 Million jackpot. Jake is a regular Wisconsin Lottery player who has a series of numbers he likes to play. He usually rotates his play slips for each draw and Jake is happy to say that he picked the right play slip for the November 6th drawing. The winning numbers picked by Jake were 6-17-18-19-20 and 25. The $5.4 Million jackpot ticket was purchased at a retailer that Jake visits often, Festival Foods, 2250 W. Mason Street in Green Bay.
Photo of the winner When you ask Michael Bralick if there is anything special about the numbers he chose to win a $4.4 million Megabucks jackpot from the Wisconsin Lottery, he'll tell you there is…but not in the usual way. They're not ages, or birthdays, or anything like that. They were his sister's numbers. Bralick, of Waukesha had been playing the same set of six numbers for years. His sister Anne who lived in California "willed" the numbers to him. On July 17, those numbers came up big. The Bralick family's special numbers (11, 18, 27, 34, 35, 46) landed them the only winning ticket in the Wisconsin Lottery's $4.4 million Megabucks drawing. The winning ticket was purchased at Speedway on S. Grand Ave. in Waukesha.
Photo of the winner The Lucky Thirteen Revocable Trust matched all six winning numbers in the Wednesday, April 10 $13.5 million Megabucks jackpot. The ticket matching the winning numbers of 6, 12, 17, 27, 38, and 45 was sold in Reedsburg at Reedsburg C-Store, 306 E. Main Street. The trust chose the $6.6 million lump sum cash option.
Photo of the winner Candy Zak says she plays the lottery because it's "fun to dream" about what it would be like to be an instant millionaire. On August 25, 2001 Candy's dream came true. A ticket she purchased at Kwik Trip in Appleton netted her half of the record $20.3 million Megabucks jackpot.
Photo of the winner Janice Weninger of West Bend is proof positive that you don't have to spend a lot to win a lot. Janice spent just $1 in the August 25, 2001 Megabucks jackpot drawing and won half of the record $20.3 million prize. She purchased her winning ticket at Prescott's Pick 'N Save in West Bend.
Photo of the winner On October 7, 2000 Curtis Sweet of Fond du Lac hit the Wisconsin’s Very Own Megabucks $1 million jackpot. The retired Giddings & Lewis employee had been in Menomonie for a family wedding. His wife, Suzanne, asked him to buy Megabucks and Powerball tickets on Friday, October 6. The next day Sweet visited the same store, Auto Stop, 1805 N. Broadway in Menomonie, to buy gas and decided to buy another ticket. The quick pick ticket he purchased turned out to be the winner.
Photo of the winner On September 16, 2000 Thomas Glowinski of Waukesha became one of Wisconsin’s latest Lottery millionaires. Glowinski purchased his $7.3 million Megabucks ticket at the Speedway-SuperAmerica store on Grand Avenue in Waukesha. His winning numbers were the product of a computer quick pick.
Photo of the winner Jeremy Bruyette of Germantown had a feeling that the day was right to buy a Powerball ticket. He did exactly that when he purchased his $10 million winning ticket for the July 26th drawing at the Speedway-SuperAmerica store in Germantown. Jeremy and his mother Wendy Novitzke played Powerball together and jointly claimed their prize. They will take the jackpot’s lump sum cash option of $5.2 million and split it evenly.
Photo of the winner Irma Stine of Merrill had a very lucky day of shopping when she purchased her winning Cash4Life ticket. She had a feeling that something good was about to happen. She said "I just felt lucky." Lucky is exactly what she was. Stine walked out of Dave's County Market in Merrill with a Wisconsin Lottery Cash4Life ticket that is now paying her $1,000 a week for the rest of her life. She matched all four Cash4Life grand prize winning numbers in the Wednesday, May 24th drawing by playing the ages of her granddaughter, her two nieces and her son.
Photo of the winner Pam White, the West Allis $1 million Megabucks winner always knew she'd be a winner.In fact she prepared for it by including protection for any future lottery winnings in her divorce decree 4 years ago. Pam selected her own winning numbers 3-10-11-18-28-32, which reflect her children's birth dates. She purchased her winning ticket at Speedway SuperAmerica on Greenfield Avenue in West Allis.
Photo of the winner On April 8, 2000 a group of 6 people who call themselves the "Olde Stage 6", won the $8.2 million Megabucks jackpot. All 6 are co-workers at the Old Stage Station Restaurant in Egg Harbor.The group has been purchasing tickets together for years from the Cenex Convenience Store in Sturgeon Bay. In addition to playing the Lottery, A year ago, the group decided to forge ahead with a plan to establish a respite facility in Door County for families with severely disabled children.
Photo of the winner For Tom Melotte the Lottery is anything but a gamble. He knew he would win one day. On September 8th Tom and Julie Melotte were the lucky winners of the $1 million Megabucks jackpot. Tom purchased his ticket at the Allouez Quik Stop in Green Bay where he chose the cash option and received a check for $489,003. Tom said he will continue to purchase his weekly lottery tickets because he will win again.
Photo of the winner Judith Toor of South Milwaukee, was the lucky winner of the $2.5 million dollar Megabucks jackpot on July 15th. When she purchased her ticket at the SuperAmerica in South Milwaukee, she selected the cash option which paid $1,265,064.
Photo of the winner A Halloween stop at the Kwik Trip in Tomah resulted in Cindy and Garry Grassman winning the $23 million Powerball jackpot. They are the second jackpot winners to land their prize with a "Fast Lucky Five" purchase.
Photo of the winner In 1998 Frank and Shirley Capaci won the largest single jackpot in Wisconsin history. They won the Powerball $195 million jackpot on Wednesday, May 20th. Having purchased a cash option quick pick ticket they received $104,269,458.
Photo of the winner Daniel and Cindy Tanski won the Megabucks jackpot on May 13, 1998. Purchasing a Fast Lucky Five ticket at the Express Lane in Silver Lake, the Megabucks quick pick proved to be worth $4,974,165.
Photo of the winner On December 7, 1998 Bob Johnson of Fond du Lac stretched the "Miracle Mile" when he purchased his winning Cash 4 Life ticket at the Pump N Pantry on Winnebago Drive in Fond du Lac. Johnson had seen half a dozen others come to his neighborhood and purchase lottery tickets that have won. Now he too can be added to that list! Bob Johnson will receive $1,000 a week for the rest of his life
Photo of the winner Debra and Jesse Downing of Kenosha won $5,847,689 when their Megabucks quick pick ticket matched the winning numbers on December 3,1997.