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Fast Play Games


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Last Update: 05/17/2024 08:09:35 PM


Newest Style of Lotto Games from the Wisconsin Lottery!

  • You can play your ticket immediately to know if you are a winner!
  • There are no drawings for Fast Play games!
  • All prizes are instant wins, including the Progressive Jackpot!

The Jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows with each ticket purchased until it is won! A percentage of sales from each Fast Play ticket purchased goes to the one Progressive Jackpot. You can watch the Jackpot grow in real time, or see it reset when there is a winner. Find the latest Jackpot amount by checking the Wisconsin Lottery website or inquiring at a retail location.

There are a variety of Fast Play games to choose from, all of which contribute to the one Progressive Jackpot. As the price of your ticket increases, so does the percentage of the Jackpot your ticket can win, from 10% to 100% of the total Jackpot.

Price Win/Share Odds
$1 10% of JACKPOT 1:240,000
$2 20% of JACKPOT 1:240,000
$5 50% of JACKPOT 1:240,000
$10 100% of JACKPOT 1:240,000

For example, if the current Fast Play Jackpot is $60,000 and a $2 Fast Play ticket wins the Jackpot, that ticket wins $12,000 (20% of $60,000) and the new available Jackpot for all Fast Play games becomes $48,000 ($60,000 minus $12,000) and will grow from there. The total Progressive Jackpot will never be below the starting amount of $10,000. Individual Jackpots won may be less than $10,000 based on the percentage of the total Progressive Jackpot that a game can win. Jackpot amount is estimated. A Jackpot not won will be carried forward to the next ticket purchase. The Jackpot amount won will be determined solely by the lottery gaming system at the exact time of ticket purchase. The Jackpot amount paid is rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

How to Play Fast Play

Fast Play games are like scratch-offs, without the scratching. You can purchase Fast Play games at any Wisconsin Lottery retailer either from a store clerk or a Wisconsin Lottery vending machine. Follow the rules on the ticket to see if you are a winner.

  • 1

    Visit wilottery.com to learn about Fast Play games.
  • 2

    Purchase tickets at a Wisconsin Lottery retailer.
  • 3

    Receive and play your ticket.
  • 4

    Sign your ticket to claim a prize.

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FAST PLAY - Current Games

Fast Play Progressive Bingo
Pays 10% of the Jackpot
Win up to $1,373
Fast Play Lucky Clover
Pays 50% of the Jackpot
Win up to $6,866
Fast Play 5X
Pays 10% of the Jackpot
Win up to $1,373
Fast Play 10X®
Pays 20% of the Jackpot
Win up to $2,746
Fast Play Cash Stash
Pays 20% of the Jackpot
Win up to $2,746
Fast Play 20X
Pays 50% of the Jackpot
Win up to $6,866
Fast Play 50X
Pays 100% of the Jackpot
Win up to $13,732
Fast Play Platinum Payout
Pays 100% of the Jackpot
Win up to $13,732

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