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Sale Date: Nov 1st, 2019 - Dec 8th, 2019 Draw Date: Dec 10th, 2019 Top Prize: Top Prize $100,000 Tickets Sold: 100,000 Redeem by: Dec 10th, 2019 - Jun 7th, 2020

Holly Jolly Raffle

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Sale Date: Aug 1st, 2019 - Aug 11th, 2019 Draw Date: Aug 15th, 2019 Top Prize: $9,088 Tickets Sold: 25,000 Redeem by: Feb 11th, 2020

Winning number 21621

Sale Date: May 1st, 2019 - May 22nd, 2019 Draw Date: Jun 3rd, 2019 Top Prize: $50,000 Tickets Sold: Redeem by: Jun 3rd, 2019 - Nov 1st, 2019

May Madness Raffle

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