Bonus Ball Bingo

Bonus Ball Bingo (568)


Top prize $20,000!
A chance to win with BONUS BINGO BALLS!

How to Play

  1. Scratch the CALLER's CARD to reveal 27 Bingo numbers. Scratch the BONUS BINGO BALLS to reveal 3 Bingo numbers.
  2. Scratch the numbers on CARDS 1-4 which match those on the CALLER's CARD and the BONUS BINGO BALL numbers.   
  3. Scratch all four FREE spaces on each player's CARD. Each FREE space is a free match.
  4. Each time one of your BONUS BINGO BALL numbers appears in CARDS 1-4, win PRIZE shown for that matching BONUS BINGO BALL number.

NOTE: Excluding BONUS BINGO BALL prizes, a ticket can only win 1 prize on each CARD, but a prize can be won on up to 4 CARDS, provided that each CARD has a winning pattern. Each CARD played separately.

See ticket back for details.

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Updated on: 05/23/2019

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