Titletown Touchdown

Titletown Touchdown instant scratch ticket from Wisconsin Lottery - unscratched


Win up to $30,000 instantly!
Eligible for the Packers Bonus Drawing!

How to Play

1) Starting at the bottom of each PLAYER lane, scratch up, one square at a time, to reveal a path of symbols up the lane until you reveal a "Tackle" symbol or you reach the END ZONE. (Stop scratching up a PLAYER lane when you run into a "Tackle" symbol in that LANE.)

2) Count up all "Football" symbols found in the revealed paths of ALL five PLAYER lanes. Win prize shown in PRIZE LEGEND corresponding to the total number of "Football" symbols found.

BONUS: Scratch the YOUR PLAYER box. If the player revealed in the YOUR PLAYER box is the PLAYER that reached the END ZONE in its lane, win the BONUS PRIZE.

1) Count up all the "Football" symbols in the ticket's play area to determine prize won.  For example, if there is one "Football" symbol in each of the five PLAYER lanes, that would be a total of 5 "Football" symbols and the ticket would win $50.
2) A ticket can only win the highest prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND corresponding to the total number of "Football" symbols found in all the revealed paths.
3) For the BONUS, the PLAYER whose lane does not contain a "Tackle" symbol is the one that "reached the END ZONE."

See Bonus Drawing information.


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Updated on: 09/21/2023

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