Notice: The Milwaukee Lottery office will not be validating or processing winning lottery tickets from July 15-19, 2024. 

If you would like to redeem a lottery ticket with us during that time, please visit our Madison office at: 2135 Rimrock Road, Madison, WI, or mail it to us at: Prizes, PO Box 777, Madison, WI 53774.

10 Buck Luck

A fast and easy way to play Wisconsin’s Lotto games for
one price!

For $10, a player will receive a Quick Pick ticket for eight Lotto games for their next drawing.

Tickets (wagers) include:

  • $2 Powerball
  • $2 Mega Millions
  • $2 All or Nothing
  • $1 Megabucks
  • $1 SuperCash!
  • $1 Badger 5
  • $.50 Pick 4 (Box play)
  • $.50 Pick 3 (Box play)

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